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Instead of sending just an animated ecard – which, let’s face it, is over and done with in a minute or less – you can send a Jacquie Lawson ecard featuring a built-in game or puzzle. So your lucky recipient will have not only the pleasure of your correspondence, but also a fun pastime for a few minutes – or quite a bit more, in the case of some of our more addictive games!

Some of our Games and Puzzle ecards are just regular ecards to which we added a game or puzzle at the end as a bonus for the recipient. In others, the game or puzzle is the main feature.

They include several versions of "Pelmanism" – the matching game named after the Pelman Institute which was set up for the study of memory in London in the 1930s – as well as ecards featuring jigsaw-style puzzles, and variations on our ever-popular tile-matching game.

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