Enjoying Bali Diving Activity in Menjangan Island


Menjangan Island might be quite far from the only airport in Bali, but it’s well-known for its Menjangan diving and snorkeling spot. This island is part of West Bali National Park, located in the northwestern tip of Bali. If you’re an enthusiast diver, or you are interested in this activity, Menjangan Island is a must-visit locale for your Bali diving experience. Before you go on having a diving trip to this island, let’s get to know better about it first.

About Menjangan Island

In Balinese, menjangan means ‘deer’. The island is named so due to the presence of herds of wild barking deer inhabiting the area. The surrounding sea around Menjangan island is packed with a high diversity of coral reef. Besides, you’ll also find a variety of tropical fish, and sometimes sea turtles are also visible in the area. To get to Menjangan Island from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you’ll need to go on an approximately 88 miles land trip to reach West Bali National Park. Then, board into a boat to get into the diving or snorkeling spot in Menjangan Island.

As a part of a preserved area, Menjangan Island has an unspoiled beauty that will pamper your eyes and mind. This small offshore island has white sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea water surrounding it. But, don’t get satisfied by the loveliness of this little paradise as Menjangan Island owns another hidden wonderland below the surface. The diving spot of Menjangan Island is known as one of the top three diving spots around Bali. Also, this island is considered the best location for wall diving Bali. It has a deep drop offs reaching 60 meters. Besides, this spot offers complex rock formations. The ocean around the diving and snorkeling spot near this island doesn’t have any dangerous current. So, don’t worry about the safety of this Bali diving activity as it’s safe, even for beginners.

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