Explore Bali’s Wilderness with Elephant Trekking Bali

Elephant Trekking
Elephant Trekking

The elephant trekking Bali offers you a new way to explore the wild in this tropical island. Situated by the banks of Ayung River, in the middle of the verdant jungle, as well as surrounded by rice paddies and lush greenery, this is one of the best homes to our gentle friends. While entertaining travelers with exciting tour atop the giant land mammal, Bali Elephant Camp helps educate people about the Sumatran elephants and help the intelligent beings keep their species away from extinction. So, this activity is more than merely riding elephants in Bali.

Bali Elephant Camp for your True Balinese Experience

Upon your arrival at the camp, located at Tukad Ayung XI St., Badung Regency, you will be refreshed by the welcome drink as you enjoy the beauty and serenity of its surroundings. Then, get ready for the 30-minute trek on the back of the elephant. This elephant ride Bali will take you around to explore the area. During the elephant tour Bali, as you hop on the top of the huge animal, you’ll certainly get better view of the tropical landscape.

Different from elephant safari Bali that you can do in Bali Safari and Marine Park, this tour will bring you to get closer to the real nature of Bali. Enjoy the view of the rice paddies as well as the lush greenery, and spot some tropical birds and other wild animals as you go around the area. Before your leisure Bali elephant trek ends, you will be led to the river where your elephants will take a nice dip to refresh themselves. Don’t worry, as you are staying on the back of the gentle giant, you will be kept dry above the water when the elephants cross the river. Get the chance to learn more about elephants from your mahout. Then, end your trip with a nice lunch at the area.

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